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8 - 10 Seat Wigan Minibus Hire

Many considerations are involved during travelling. In order to make your travel a pleasant one, you need to prepare and plan well. It is especially so when you are planning to travel in a group involving ten or more individuals. As such, Minibus Hire Wigan helps you to better prepare and plan for your journey hence saving you the headache. In order to make your travelling easier, we offer transport services in various categories as well as additional extension services. We have been in the travel business for quite a while now therefore we fully understand all the rigours associated with travel. This is the reason we have included additional services such as catering and other hospitality services, taxi and flight bookings and accommodation as well. Other extra service(s) you may need is not a problem and all you have to do is simply ask and it shall be done.

8-seater Minibus Hire Wigan is designed for a small group of individuals. These are best probably for a family on vacation. Our 8-seaters are from known brands which provide very good quality minibuses. They body shapes are quite unique the interior for each and every one of them is customized making it very cozy for our passengers. In addition, maintenance of the 8-seater Minibus Hire Wigan is not left to chance making them a very reliable fleet.

The other minibuses at our disposal is the 10 Seat Minibus Hire. Almost similar to the 8-seaters, they offer two additional seats and the comfort too is great. We have also customized them to include features such as private glass, CD/DVD players and leather upholstery. In case you have babies in your company you don't need to worry since the 10 Seat Minibus Hire have been fitted with baby seats. In addition, so as to offer protection from extra sunlight and provide privacy as well, the 8 and 10 Seat bus Hire are tinted and those who do not prefer tints can go for the ones fitted with curtains.

All our minibuses are driven by highly qualified staff. The company policy dictates that all drivers should have a minimum of twenty years experience in driving in order to qualify to be our drivers. Their driving records must be clean and drivers themselves mature enough. All 8 seat and the larger 10 Seat Minibus Hire drivers have all the necessary certificates from the concerned authorities thus allowing them to operate in this sector. This is how highly we regard safety for every one of our clients.

Wigan is a town with many attractions to offer. There is something for everyone from the kids to the adults and you can rest assured that you won't get bored here. From art to nature lovers, those who are fond of history and architecture as well those who want to go on educational trips and adventure have something to keep them occupied. Those who want to enjoy themselves with a drink in this beautiful Peninsula town have many exciting options to choose from. Our drivers are conversant with every corner of the town and its environs and will take you to any place you desire.

Minibus Hire Wigan has and is renowned for its philosophy in punctuality. We do not and can never keep our clients in wait for even a minute. We make sure we are always there before you. In addition, we employ state-of-the-art technology in our services and have even fitted all our minibuses with GPS trackers in order to locate you easily. For convenience purposes, our drivers can locate the client(s) up to the exact location or even street. You've got to travel with us to see what efficiency in travel is all about.

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