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17 - 18 Seat Wigan Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Wigan is an established company with many different categories of minibuses in our fleet. The 17-seater Wigan minibus and 18 Seater Minibus are some of them. These minibuses are meant for a large group of people but if you feel they are not enough, you can choose to take two or either one of these plus other smaller capacity ones all given at a reasonable price. These minibuses are best for more than one family travelling together, work associates on duty, an educational trip for students and even carrying football teams.

If you need to be picked or dropped at the airport, we will do it as this is part of our job description. Minibus Hire Wigan will take you to all the great places you want to visit during your trip to this majestic city as well as provide all holiday goers with a memorable experience during their visit to Wigan. Our drivers are seasoned veterans and know every part of the city. They have over twenty years worth of driving experience, they have been certified by the relevant authorities and provided with all the necessary documents associat6ed with the work, they have clean records and individuals of high self-esteem. In addition, they are amiable individuals whom you'll get along with. Time and again, we determine if our drivers are apt to the task by carrying out competence tests for them. This is part of the company rules meant to ensure high safety standards. As such you should feel pretty safe when travelling with not only our 17-seater Minibus Hire Wigan or the 18 Seat Minibus but also with every other minibus we provide.

Our fleet of minibuses is in top working condition due to the high maintenance standards we observe. The performance of both the 17-seater minibus and 18 Seat Minibus on the road is rewarding and reliable. We acquire our minibuses from well-established and renowned brands. They also have a stylish finish to them and are quite unique making it easy to distinguish them from other companies'. In addition, we have them tailored inside to include more space inside, high quality music systems complete with LCD screens, leather upholstery, reclining seats and many other modifications to make them more comfortable and suited to our client needs.

Our efficiency and service accuracy would not have been possible were it not for the utilization of state-of-the-art technology. Minibus Hire Wigan has for instance incorporated GPS trackers in the minibuses to be able to locate the customers more easily. They are exact to the street you are on so if you get lost and do not know your way around, don't worry. We will get to you. This also helps when you are heading somewhere in the city or its environs and you aren't sure if it's the right place. In addition to this, the trackers help us monitor the whereabouts of the minibus so in case something unusual happens, we can get to you in a matter of time.

Another important aspect that we value greatly is time keeping. It is part of the company's policy that at no time shall the client wait for us. We always ensure that we are there before you arrive and this has helped us maintain a good relationship with our customers. Minibus Hire Wigan provides a registration form online that is simple and precise which captures the key details such as your identification, date you want to be picked up and the kind of vehicle you need-whether a mini-coach, minibus or coach. After doing this we shall be waiting for you on your date of arrival in Wigan to take you to your next destination. Your experience with us, however short, will make you our loyal client every single time you come calling.

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