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10 - 12 Seat Wigan Minibus Hire

Part of the reason Minibus Hire Wigan has been the dominant player in this industry is provision of high quality service. The experience gained over the years and consequently expertise in our field of work has kept us ahead of the competitors. We can suit any of your needs associated with travel.

As such, we continue to invest heavily in all categories of our fleet. The 10-seater Minibus and 12 Seat Minibus are two such examples. If you are travelling as a group in the peninsula town of Wigan, the 10-seater minibuses are very ideal for you. In order to allow a more enjoyable experience, the minibuses come with many comfort features. You can kiss the days you used to tire a lot from travelling especially in a group cramped up with minimal movement goodbye. This is because the 10-seater Minibus Hire Wigan is very spacious and has been fitted with reclining seats providing you all the comfort and legroom you need. These minibuses are spacious to the extent that you can stretch and sit in whatever way you like making travel in them very enjoyable and refreshing. In addition, entertainment is not a problem in case you need it since the minibuses have been fitted with CD/DVD players.

The other type of buses in our fleet is the 12 seat minibus. Almost similar to the 10-seater minibuses, these have two extra seats and are ideal if your group is slightly above ten people. In addition, they have special entrances made for the physically handicapped. These are mainly concertina doors that can open and close automatically. Those carrying babies can rest with the knowledge that baby sits are also available which are very safe and comfortable for babies. The 12 Seat Minibus Hire is a wise hire even for those travelling on business and you will be amazed to know that we have customized them to include tables such that you can even hold meetings in them as a group while you travel hence killing two birds with one stone. What's more? Should you require any other additional equipment, just let us know and we shall have it fixed for you.

The 10 and 12 seat Minibus Hire Wigan won't let you down. We acquire these minibuses from established market brands that have proven over time why they are the go-to manufacturers. The minibuses are very efficient and thus suited for travel and are modern makes as well. They are always in very good working condition thanks to the remarkable maintenance that they are subjected to. Our minibuses never break down and are reliable such that you are assured of getting to your destination safe and on time.

Minibus Hire Wigan is focused on hiring the best and most competent drivers. This is to ensure that our customers are in good hands and no glitches occur during your journey. Our drivers have over twenty years driving experience and possess clean driving records and all associated documents required in this line of work. They are mature and friendly too thus making you feel at ease, safe and assured. Any questions you may have for them they will answer you. What is also good about our drivers is their vast knowledge of Wigan and its surroundings. They will take you to every place you want and show you the most popular restaurants and bars.

Do not be mistaken that just because Minibus Hire Wigan is a market leader means that our prices are above the roof. We have something for everyone and that is one of the many reasons we attract a lot of people. Just go to our website and fill a simple online application form according to your requirements and that is it. Leave the rest to us.

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